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Hope Changes Everything

Help for combat veterans suffering from
traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress.


Use your expertise to educate Brain Treatment Foundation participants or help build programs. Your contribution matters.

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Boot’n & Shoot’n

Get involved with this annual event to raise funds for our military Veterans.


All In For Josh

On September 27, 2016 Josh was struck by a vehicle as he road home. We are partnering to help spread Josh’s message of hope and awareness.

Josh’s Story

Sponsorships for brain treatment.

We partner with treatment providers and other organizations to restore hope and provide support for people suffering from brain related health issues and their families. Through treatment, rehabilitation, research, and public education, Brain Treatment Foundation seeks to become an active agent of change in the world of brain health.

The Brain Treatment Foundation’s Mission


Chris Livesay’s story

Written Testimonials

US Marine –

“If you ever find yourself in a place of wondering if what you do matters, always know you saved one life.  Mine.”

US Navy SEAL –

“Within the first couple of weeks of treatment, I started seeing dramatic changes in my physical and mental health.  The results so far have been life changing and the service has been unparalleled.”

Air Force EOD Spouse –

“The physical injuries were easy, it was the injuries to the brain that were invisible to the world that seemed impossible to handle.   BTF helped bring him back out of the dark place no one who goes to combat likes to talk about.”

US Navy Seal –

“The amount of time BTF has put into my program and educating me alone speaks to their commitment to helping veterans feel better.”

Mother and Veteran –

“My son has had difficulty expressing emotions and communicating and at times can become socially overwhelmed. Since we began treatment, he is more self-aware and comfortable in his own body.  He is developing a sensitivity that allows his emotions to be supported and processed.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to be supported by BTF.”

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