NFL Forced To Admit In Congressional Roundtable Connection
Between Football And Brain Degeneration

mike day coverLate Monday afternoon, Jeff Miller, Executive Vice President of Health and Player Safety for the NFL, was forced to admit in a grilling session before the House of Representatives that there is a connection between football and neurodegenerative diseases like CTE. This is in direct conflict with what the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dr. Mitch Berger, a San Francisco-based neurosurgeon who leads the NFL subcommittee on long-term brain injury said on February 3rd, as lead in to the Super Bowl in San Francisco.







GBHC partners with Steinberg Sports and Entertainment to host the Super Bowl Brain Health Summit

mike day cover“Earlier in the week, The Global Brain Health Coalition (GBHC) partnered with Steinberg Sports and Entertainment to host the Super Bowl Brain Health Summit and party. GBHC brings overall brain health, education and awareness to communities worldwide. This year they focused on the future of neurological technology, testing, protection, treatment and health of players in the NFL—a topic that’s receiving much widespread recognition and has even made it to the big screen in the movie Concussion featuring Will Smith.”







Mike Day: Cover of USA Triathlon Magazine

mike day cover“After recovering from being shot 27 times at close range by members of Al Qaeda cell in Iraq, former Navy Seal Mike Day set out to do an IronMan 70.3 Florida to raise money for veterans seeking treatment at the Cerebrum Health Center. Why triathlon? Because his SEAL training had instilled in Day the fortitude to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run a half marathon. Read more about Mike Day in our cover story on page 26.”










TBI State of the Art Conference

New article“The Veterans Affairs Department is uniquely positioned to take a major role in advancing traumatic brain injury research, given its access to thousands of affected patients and partnerships with the nation’s top academic institutions, public health officials said during a two-day conference on military brain injuries in Washington, D.C.

Organized by VA, the TBI State of the Art Conference brought together public, nonprofit and private-sector researchers to share their work and discuss topics for future exploration.Since 2000, more than 327,000 service members have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, although the number is thought to be higher since troops often do not report an injury that may have caused a mild concussion.

VA organizers hoped the conference would generate collaboration among researchers and physicians from institutions as varied as Rand Corp., Cerebrum Health Centers, the National Institutes of Health, Stanford University, Duke, Emory, Boston University and more, producing proposals that would move forward research and care for veterans. In his opening remarks Monday, VA Secretary Bob McDonald told attendees that the VA needs help in driving forward brain injury treatment.”