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Brain Treatment Foundation, 501(c)3 is partnering with ‘All in for Josh!’ to help them reach their goal to spread the message of hope and awareness.

On September 27, 2016 Josh was struck by a vehicle as he road home from his morning workout. He suffered a broken neck, fractured vertebrae, multiple facial fractures, and a severe traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for 15 months

Over the past three years, Josh has experienced amazing progress in recovery. He is cognitive, and able to communicate with the use of a communication device. He is able to ambulate with his chair using head and knee switches.

For the past two years, Josh has been preparing for his greatest physical challenge; riding 908 miles on his YUMI from Buena Vista, Colorado where the accident took place, to his home in Springdale, Arkansas.

This ride will also kick off Josh beginning a new chapter in his recovery, by sharing a message of hope and encouragement for the disabled and able bodied alike. 

Funds are being raised to allow Josh to continue to share his story of hope with others. To that end we are seeking funding to:

  • Provide Activity Based Therapy (ABT) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Josh.
  • Purchase a mobility van and trailer that will allow Josh to travel to share his message of hope, as well as to participate in events for disabled athletes all around the country.
  • Produce a quality educational and inspirational documentary on Josh’s recovery from TBI. 
  • Support Josh’s ‘All In Tour’.

For more information visit All in for Josh 
We appreciate your support!

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